// 2014 GRC Value Award Winner

2014 GRC Value Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Governance Manager cloud solution has been honored with a 2014 GRC Value Award in the GRC Strategy and Performance Management by GRC analyst firm GRC 20/20. The 2nd annual GRC Value Awards recognize real-world implementations for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance programs and processes that have returned significant and measurable value to an organization.

“Blue Zoo’s Governance Management solution has demonstrated proven business value in GRC Strategy and Performance Management with its program for National Disability Services in Australia, cost effectively improving governance across a large number of organizations” said Michael Rasmussen, Chief GRC Pundit for GRC 20/20 and internationally recognized expert.

“It is imperative that we recognize today’s successes as a milestone toward advancing GRC maturity. In achieving maturity, GRC is part of the organization’s strategy and operations and supported by a range of technology, knowledge and services – enabling the organization to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and agility in GRC processes and broader business operations.”

The Case Study

Keeping business complexity and change in sync is a significant challenge for boards and executives as they seek to govern the organization. Organizations require complete situational and holistic awareness of governance across operations, processes, relationships, systems, and data to see the big picture and its impact on organization performance and strategy. Distributed, dynamic, and disrupted business requires the organization to take a strategic approach to governance.

To meet this challenge, National Disability Services (WA) adopted Governance Manager from Blue Zoo with their Not for Profit Governance Maturity Framework solution. GRC 20/20 has evaluated and verified the implementation of Blue Zoo’s Governance Manager at NDS (WA) and confirms that this implementation has achieved measurable value across the elements of GRC efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. In this context, GRC 20/20 has recognized Blue Zoo and NDS (WA) with a 2014 GRC Value Award in the domain of Strategy and Performance Management for their governance capabilities.

Detailed case study can be found HERE

The Value of Governance Manager at NDS

Some of the ways that Governance Manager has added value to NDS(WA) and its member organisations, includes:

  • Significant cost savings through a federated approach, making governance improvement accessible to resource constrained not-for-profit organisations.
  • 45% of the NDS (WA) member organisations have conducted a capability maturity benchmark of their governance practices.
  • Whole of sector governance capability insights and performance measures.
  • Ability to reduce the dependency on key individuals and senior management by the institutionalizing of governance knowledge for each service provider organization within Governance Manager – full history of governance scores, improvement goals, actions taken, decision justification traceability, etc.

Federated Governance for Oversight Bodies

Unlike any other tools, Governance Manager enables benchmarking and gap analysis of business capabilities and governance practices across multiple entities. This enables entities in an oversight role to compare business practices across internally federated (e.g. business units, projects) or externally federated (e.g. groups of multiple companies, constituent members) entities to gain deep insights of strengths, weaknesses and trends.

Using Governance Manager to improve performance and institutionalise good governance and better business practices across federated environments, or even an entire sector, is easy. Adopting a measurement based approach drives focus, effective allocation of finite resources, and improved performance.

About the Author:

Mark Wallace is a founding partner of management advisory practice Blue Zoo and specialises in Governance, Risk, Strategy, Resilience and Sustainability.