4 ways to achieve 100% better ROI from Governance Manager

4 ways to achieve 100% better returns from Governance Manager

Here are four ways our most successful customers use Governance Manager. Reading through them will give you a sense of how Governance Manager’s versatility lets your organisation adapt to any kind of situation.

How successful teams uses Governance Manager.


Better Workshops

Use Governance Manager as the broker for quality team conversations. Guide the agenda, capture and retain collective discussion against each assessed element of governance,  and then delegate any follow up agreed actions after the workshop is done. This process works for board meetings, strategic and business planning sessions, targeted workshops, and even a 1:1 conversation – pretty much any and every kind of situation that needs facilitation.  Importantly, everyone is engaged with any resulting organisational change having shaped the direction.


Regular Governance Requirements

When you have a frequently recurring governance requirement (like a monthly project health-check update, 6-monthly compliance assessment against a policy, sets of corporate standards or international standards), you can use GM to save time and energy and make the process by creating a new assessment for the new period, set the due dates and assign completion responsibilities to key individuals.


Build a Business Case

Use GM to build a strong business case with the greatest chance of success. The strength of a strategic approach which involves many stakeholders discussing current and desired states of capability through GM, is the residual benefits of broad management buy-in from participation,   alignment with the organisation’s requirements. The programs of initiatives were each managed, tracked and reporting on through the including assignment, resource allocation, timing and completion progress.


Identify ‘low hanging fruit’

Create and complete a ‘current’ and ‘desired’ state assessment, paired with an Executive maturity gaps report, you can view the top 5 larger gaps identified. If you had to figure out your top 5 opportunities for improvement, this is a great place to start. Whether they match your top 5 concerns or not, they provide a good list to cherry pick from  and add to your improvement roadmap.

We hope this list gives you some ideas for ways Governance Manager can help your organisation. Let us know if you discover other cleaver uses of GM, or if you have any question, we are always listening….info@governancemanager.com.au

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