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Risk Management – Do we have the focus all wrong?

Too often risk management reporting and focus is limited to the "top 20 risks" We often find that organisations generate a “Top 20 risks” style report and their supporting risk management processes are geared towards generating those reports. More often than not these reports display the ‘residual risks’ so the Board and Executives can get

Not Asking the Right Questions Will Leave You Hungry When Considering Your Risk Appetite

We are often asked “how do you define the risk appetite of a business”. If done correctly, risk appetite is an outcome of a well-planned and rigorous risk management analysis approach and not a precursor. It’s the difference between choosing the buffet or the ala-carte menu. While the buffet may tempting, having too many

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Wanted – A Definition of Governance

It never ceases to amaze me that every time I present on the topic of governance or meet with a client regarding our flagship product governance manager that when I ask what the definition of governance is, I without a doubt get a different answer every time.  A quick Google search of “definition of governance”

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A Chip In Governance Practices is Annoying, Shattered Practices Can Be Critical

REALITY: There’s a Chip in the Windscreen Every country in the world is imposing and endless list rules, guidelines and codes of conduct targeted at government agencies and publicly traded companies. Exhaustive resources, extensive literature, and a myriad of vendors proclaiming to be able to forge the answers you need is only adding to the

Fives Minutes on Risk Management

Executive director and founding partner of management advisory practice Blue Zoo, Mark Wallace was interviewed by Risk Management Magazine on all things risk management. Why is risk management important to your organisation? Simply put risk management is important to my organisation (Blue Zoo) because it is what we are