Product Update – Version 4.4 ‘Ella’

// Product Update – Version 4.4 ‘Ella’

Product Update – Version 4.4 ‘Ella’


Product Update – October ’13

Today, we are excited to bring our latest version of Governance Manager to your environment. It has been a few months in the making and has a number of exciting new functions so without further due, meet “Ella”.

Introducing Ella

Main releases of Governance Manager (GM) are codenamed after well-known jazz musicians; this release, “Ella”, pays tribute to the ‘Queen of Jazz’, Ella Fitzgerald. Ella enjoyed a highly successful career that spanned six decades and saw her win 13 Grammy awards, more than 200 albums repertoire that included jazz, opera, show tunes and bossa nova. A glittering and prolific career for an exceptional artist.

This version has undergone more than just a name change; we’ve adopted a whole new, more polished and consistent experience. Have a read below, and check out everything that we have released:

New look UI

In Ella, the user interface is more modern, simple and clean, flirting with flat design, new colour palettes and the use of white spaces. 


We started to comb through every screen in Governance Manager (GM) and rethink the details to make sure it fitted with the new aesthetics. It has been a big effort to have it ready in time for this release and we are pretty confident you will like the changes.

Our design team was very focused on delivering something that is a little more than just a “flat solid rectangle”. We were not interested in picking a side between flat or not flat either, what we wanted is to evolve the GM interface into something more pleasant. This release seems the broader adoption of a cleaner, flatter UI that relies less on borders and shadows than the previous versions without completely abandoning those elements.

Stage 2 will see us rethink every element of the user interface for enhanced usability and flow, stay tuned.

Clickable Maturity Rating Buttons

Maturity ratings are now fully clickable, making it easier and faster than before to run through assessments. Rated elements have a nice blue background which is consistent with the ‘call to action’ buttons in GM. We swapped radio buttons for click-able buttons with states.

Click once to select your maturity rating, click it again and it reverts to a non-rated state.


Local Noticeboard

We have introduced the Local Noticeboard located next to the existing Noticeboard, for each element in the governance assessments. The Local Noticeboard provides the ability for you to add your own content, be it be basic text, links to websites or attached documents, as a means of providing far more information to users participating in an assessment.

We think that the Local Noticeboard will allow you to share crucial pieces of information relevant to the assessment, and also the ability to capture and retain local knowledge for the use of all. Our customer pilot site for this function has enjoyed adding document templates and picture diagrams to the critical elements in order to provide supporting references and more context to the participating users as they self-assess their governance practices.


Drag & Drop File Upload

A few days ago, we introduced the Localised Noticeboard for every framework elements on your assessment page and many users commented that it would be very helpful to them to add the ability to upload files and pictures.


File uploads on the Noticeboard have been on our roadmap for a while and in an inspired release month, we took previous design ideas and decided to code them up. Today, we are happy to ship this new feature to you, available under the element editing interface of any of your Frameworks.

Drag & Drop file uploading works just like it sounds: you grab a file from your desktop and drag it over the Local Board upload area. Release over the drop area and your attachment is now attaching itself to the Element’s Local Board.

We’ve been using it internally for a few days and really think it makes GM’s Noticeboard a lot easier and faster to use, and yes, we made is to that you can upload multiple files at once.

This first version we are launching will not allow you to see the files without entering some text on your Local Board too. Don’t worry, we will work on that in time.

Help Centre

We have moved our help and support functions to a new Help Centre, providing better access and more ways for you to find what you need. The Help Centre includes a new Knowledge Base with extensive search capabilities, FAQ, support tickets, and a Twitter support feed.

Check it out here

But wait, there is more!

Governance Manager 4.4 comes with even more features and fixes to make working with the system easier for your team. Each of the following features and improvements will make working with Ella easier than before:

  • Consolidation of the Assessment view
  • Additional filters on the Assessment and Framework listing tables under each of those tabs
  • Assessment pages support CSS media queries for resolution independent scaling
  • Agreed Action card progress sliders
  • Noticeboard improvements
  • Offsite status page – a central place to get information on upcoming downtime and maintenance schedules

Try it today

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Ready to upgrade?

SaaS Customers: Congratulations! You have been automatically upgraded to Governance Manager 4.4! To use it, simply access your Governance Manager instance as you usually would.

Check our blog over the next few weeks. We will be highlighting key features in Governance Manager on the blog.

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