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An enterprise assurance and strategic improvement platform for your business.

It identifies gaps in your business.

The Governance Manager platform solves the resource effectiveness challenge.  Identify needs and focus finite resources on those vital practices that will provide the next foundational layer for improvement and competitive excellence.

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Identify maturity gaps
Automate any Capability Maturity Frameworks

It enables measurement of anything.

The platform offers a limitless and flexible array of capability standards, frameworks and maturity based scoring models.  That means you can easily deploy the best practice references that are important for your business to mature and succeed. Simply assess business capabilities, plan improvements and make lasting gains within a context that is tailored your priorities.

It expresses improvement strategy.

Plan capability improvements and focus energy and finite resources on what really matters.  Create a compelling case for improvement and establish measurable goals, narrowing the scope of activities to those vital practices that will provide the next foundational layer for lasting improvement.

It’s enterprise scale.

When everyone in an organization or across an entire sector can evaluate their own business practices, incredible things happen. Which is why Governance Manager is built to operate at scale—complete with enterprise-grade data and security controls.

It provides benchmarking insights and visualisation.

Benchmark and visually compare the maturity of your business’s capabilities and practices. Compare and contrast the results with any number of entities (e.g. companies, projects, business units, suppliers, anything!!) to gain deeper insights into performance.

It manages your improvement program.

Build an improvement program and assign, prioritize, schedule, monitor and report on all of your actions, with full traceability of decision making.

Peace of Mind.

Manage your business more effectively at a strategic level with the intelligence and tools required to create value with the right levels of capabilities. Manage uncertainty and gain assurances that the right practices are in place to the right levels, and to make informed decisions with confidence.

Focus Energy.

The benefit of using a gap analysis driven approach is narrowing the scope of activities to those vital practices that will provide the next foundational layer for improvement. By concentrating on a focused set of practices and working aggressively to install them, businesses can steadily improve and make lasting gains.

Reduce Costs.

Consistently improve the capabilities and performance of your business at a small fraction of traditional costs. Empower your staff self evaluate business practices without the need for expensive consultants, and in doing so capturing and retaining tacit knowledge electronically, whilst being able to demonstrate capabilities.

Try it for yourself on your own business!