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Harness the power of maturity models throughout your business.

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Assess your organisation’s capabilities

Governance Manager is an online platform for automating capability maturity self-assessments.  Organisations can use the platform to evaluate themselves against any best practices or standards in a fast and repeatable manner.

There are a number of self-assessment types to choose from to suit different evaluation needs and scoring approaches.

Empower management to find opportunities to improve

Use Governance Manager to gain confidence in how well your current practices are working and to find opportunities to continuously improve.

The best practice landscape is broad and complex. Empowering management to be more effective at a strategic level will foster better alignment of capabilities with needs, increasing capacity to achieve higher levels of performance and better business outcomes.

Create and manage improvement programs

Our maturity models link each capability being assessed to their corresponding improvement opportunities aimed at helping organisations improve specific practices with expert advice.

Improvement opportunities are tagged according to their importance, business value, and complexity/effort to implement. This enables you to build a targeted improvement plan with individual actions/initiatives tailored to suit contextual factors e.g. budget, appetite for change, and strategic imperatives.

Set achievable goals and measure progress

Define improvement goals and focus energy and finite resources on what really matters.

Having assessed the current state i.e. ‘Where are we?’, Governance Manager lets you express improvement goals i.e. ‘Where do we want to be?’ in order to build a roadmap for long-term and sustained success.

Benchmark and compare the performance of business units, projects, suppliers…….anything

Governance Manager’s federated self-assessment approach provides the power to evaluate the maturity of different components of an organisation – business units, projects, suppliers …….anything you want to evaluate and compare in order to focus improvement efforts.

Gain performance insights and report on maturity and compliance posture

“Blue Zoo’s Governance Management solution has demonstrated proven business value in GRC Strategy and Performance……cost effectively improving governance across a large number of organisation.”

Michael Rasmussen
Chief GRC Pundit and internationally recognised expert

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